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Updated 17 July

Annual General Meeting and Date Fixing Conference

Monday 21st September 2020

  Clubs are entitled to send two delegates to the meeting (and any Emergency General Meeting, should one be called) and should arrive at the meeting with a mandate from their members to vote on any propositions on their behalf.

   Any propositions that are successful will pass forward to be included on the National agenda. Propositions for inclusion on the local agenda must be with the District Secretary by the same date as event applications - usually mid July   Clubs intending to promote an Open Event must apply on the official form by this date to make sure it gets listed for the date fixing conference.

   It is District policy to allocate and fix all events at 50 miles and above prior to the meeting and to co-ordinate, where possible, all other events where clashes of date/time have been applied for. This helps to reduce the time needed to agree the calendar considerably, but clubs are still urged to attend the meeting to ensure that their application gets a fair hearing should any dispute occur.

   Remember :-  

         If you’re not there your club’s interests may go by default.

Additions to the list will only be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.


       The official application forms for events are sent out to club general secretaries in mid July. If you haven’t received one by then please contact the District Secretary.