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Updated 13 April

Club Events     

(What you need to know and do)

All communications about club events should be directed through the Assistant Secretary (Club Events).

He is:- Mr Phil Fern, 18 Bowden Lane, Marple, Stockport, SK6 6LJ. Tel:- 0161 427 1935

Phil is quite happy to receive applications via e-mail to philf1951@gmail.com  If your club wishes to promote any 'Club Events' then application has to be made to the secretary at the beginning of the year (preferably by the end of January).

If you know that other club(s) use the same course on the same night(s) then please liaise directly with them with a view to sharing the organisation and marshalling duties. Before submitting your application make sure you comply with any restrictions on starting times for the course you intend to use.

Club event organisers MUST be prepared to give an undertaking that they will provide marshals and display warning signs to the same standard as that required for open events. See the appropriate section of this handbook for further details. Although the proposition to make rear LED lights compulsory in all CTT events didn't get the two thirds majority required, it is a wise precaution to advise riders in evening events to use them voluntarily.

When your event (s) have been approved by the secretary, send off the police notification form to the relevant Police HQ  and DON'T FORGET to send a copy to the Assistant Secretary (Club Events). You are strongly advised to do this at least SIX WEEKS before the date of the first event.

You can use unofficial timekeepers for club events but it is always advisable to use a good quality stopwatch. Times recorded should be used where appropriate on open event entry forms but rides in club events cannot be considered for official records.

At each event use the official signing on sheet and make sure that every rider signs the relevant declaration. If a rider is 'guesting' with you make sure that you have some contact details in case of an accident. Keep these sheets in a safe place until the last club event of the season has been completed then add up the number of rides for the whole of the season and calculate the total amount of club event levy. Keep the signing on sheets so they can be produced as evidence if required and send a note indicating your club, the number of rides plus a cheque for the required amount (made payable to CTT) to the Club Event Secretary (Not the Treasurer) as soon as possible after the last event. The cut off date for levies is the end of October.


CTT have declared that for 2021 the levy will be £4.00


All new riders should be handed a copy of the notice




 Signing on sheet for Club events
download    Word     or    Excel
Parental consent form Word  or  PDF