Manchester District of 
Cycling Time Trials

Cycling Time Trials is the National Governing Body for time trials.
 M&DTTA is a separate association of local clubs within the District,
They promote many events under CTT rules and award trophies.
Officials & Committee.
Open Events Guide.
Club Events Guide.
Event Headquarters.
Police Notification.
Course Details.
Risk Assessments.
Local Regulations.
Marshals & Checkers.
Calendar 2019.
AGM & Date Fixing.
M&DTTA Points results.
Updated 11 September
A General Guide to the Promotion of Events
is on page 78 of the CTT Handbook 2019.
There is a Check List on page 82. Also see
CTT Guidance Note 10  Click HERE

The District Committee are keen to support
Event Organisers. If you have any queries
we are there to give advice