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Cycling Time Trials is the National Governing Body for time trials.
 M&DTTA is a separate association of local clubs within the District,
They promote many events under CTT rules and award trophies.
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Updated 16 January

     Although we expect most promoters to use these guidelines it must be pointed out that ALL promoters of open events MUST have a copy of the CTT National Handbook which contains the definitive list of duties and regulations.      Experienced promoters have their own systems in place for organising events but to the newcomer it can be a daunting process. And we do need these newcomers. So please, if you've done it all before don't take offence at the style of presentation and if you haven't then follow the guidelines and remember there is always the District Secretary available for help.

    So, you've got your date for the event and by the end of January you should have a copy of the CTT Handbook. Check the details of your event are printed correctly and if they are not then contact the District Secretary immediately. If you've not done so already then check the up to date list of timekeepers and assistant timekeepers and book them. Bear in mind that the current recommended fee for each timekeeper is £15.00 in this district......


Eight Weeks before the event

Obtain an up-to-date description of the course from the Assistant Secretary (Courses) and obtain the risk assessment document, either from this site or from the Risk Assessment Officer. Appoint club officials to represent your club at the start and finish. These should not be the timekeepers. Complete the Police Notification Form and send copies to the Chief Constable of each police area through which the course passes and send one copy to the Assistant Secretary (Open Events). Retain a copy for your file. The Assistant Secretary (Open Events) must have his copy at least six weeks before the event.

Consider submitting an alternative course in case your first choice is not available on the day.


The Road Traffic Act demands that Police have at least 28 days clear notice of a time trial; any less and they can refuse you permission to run the event or impose special conditions.


Make arrangements to have your start sheet printed and appoint competent observers and marshals to cover all points of the course where the riders change direction. Checking cards for marshals may be pur­chased from the National Secretary. Arrange for a checker to record the numbers of the riders in the order they finish and for this information to be passed to the timekeeper. Make arrangements for the times to be communicated to the result board, which should be situated away from the finish area (preferably at the event headquarters).


As Entries Arrive

Check: -          The entry form is of current Cycling Time Trials issue

The entry form is signed by the entrant

Any cheque is properly completed

The entrant’s club is affiliated to Cycling Time Trials. If in doubt check with the District Treasurer that the fees for the current  year have been paid by local clubs.

If the entrant is under 18 years of age, a parental consent form has been signed.

Return any form not properly completed to the prospective entrant.

You may return entries which will not be accepted before the closing date if you already have received more than a full field. This will enable the rider to enter another event if he so wishes.



Internet entries can be accepted but make certain that riders

SIGN in person before being given their numbers on the day.


On the closing date for entries

Select the field of riders in accordance with the method stated on your prospectus and return immediately by first class post all excess entries.

Arrange the field of riders in accordance with Regulations Cycling Time Trials Guidance Note No 8 (Field Placement) is available to assist you in this important task. If the event is to be handicapped your handicapper may agree to arrange the field for you. The guide to handicapping and standard tables are available as Guidance Note 2 (Handicapping). When preparing the start sheet 'copy' for the printer it must include the following information in order to comply with Cycling Time Trials regulations :-

 1. The event is being "Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations ".

      (This is VERY important and these precise words must be used)

 2. The title of the event

 3. The date of the event

 4. The name & address of the event secretary (telephone number is helpful and a mobile number could be useful)

 5. The name(s) of the approved timekeeper(s)

  6. The name (if applicable) of the approved, handicapper

 7. A full description of the course, with precisely stated start and finish points, turning points  and intermediate distances (the course key number is useful) as supplied by the Assistant Secretary (Courses)

 8. Any applicable local regulations,

 9. Details of the prize awards and method of allocation.

10. The numbers, names and clubs of the competitors in their starting order, with their time of start

       If applicable the names and clubs of up to 10 reserves.

11. In events open to both sexes, women riders must be indicated, by the symbol W

12. Designated point for  signing-on and collecting numbers.


A request has been made for event organisers to include the following wording on start sheets -



Cycling Time Trials and the event promoters strongly advise you to wear a HARD SHELL HELMET that meets an internationally accepted safety standard.

In accordance with Regulation 15 ALL JUNIOR & JUVENILE competitors must wear Protective Hard Shell Helmets.”


“It is recommended that a working rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position visible to following road users and is active whilst the machine is in use.”


At least 5 days before the event

Despatch a copy of the start sheet, by first class post , to the Assistant  Secretary (Open Events), all competitors and officials, including the time­keepers. Include specific instructions to all marshals and checkers. (See CTT Guidance Note 11 - Marshals and Checkers). Send a signed copy of the start sheet and the appropriate amount of levy (£2 per rider) to the District Treasurer. Make your cheque payable to "Cycling Time Trials". Do NOT include reserve riders in the total.

Prepare clerking sheets and marshals checking cards.


On the day of the event

      Check that there are no hazards that need to be brought to the attention of riders when they sign on.
At the start

Identify the precise point of the start and check the arrival of:-

           The officials named on the Police Notification Form

The official observer

The Timekeepers

The competitors rear body numbers and the stewards to hand them out

The starting stewards (or pushers off)

All marshals should wear a fluorescent jacket or bib to indicate their association with a cycle race. Ensure that you, or somebody appointed by you, checks overseas (including Irish) riders' racing licences and Scottish club riders' S.C.U. membership cards or racing licences. This is best done when the riders are collecting their race numbers. Take with you the riders completed entry forms and police correspondence. Arrange if possible for a pilot car to precede the first rider, carrying spare marshals, to cover any breakdown in the checking arrangements. Ensure that First Aid equipment is available at the event headquarters.


At the finish

Identify the precise finish point and mark it with a chequered flag or board. Check the arrival of the officials named on the Police Notification Form.


After the event and prior to the prize giving

Check in conjunction with the timekeeper that the times recorded are correct on both the official finishing sheet and the result board. Check that all competitors who are credited with a time or distance have completed the course. Telephone the result as soon as possible to the national press, Snowdon Sports Media Partners Ltd  PO Box 100 Sheffield  S6 6YB  Tel: 0114 232 5555  E-mail: and make arrangements for the local media to be informed.


Refer any objections to the event or to the conduct of riders in the event to the District Secretary. Report any accidents to both the District Secretary and the National Secretary.


Within 7 days of the event

Prepare the finish sheet 'copy' for the printer. This must include the following information in order to comply with Cycling Time Trials regulations :-

1. That the event was "Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations ".

2. The title of the event

3. The date of the event

4. The name &. address of the event secretary.

5. The name(s) of the approved timekeeper(s)

6. The name (if applicable) of the approved handicapper

7. Details of the prize winners and their awards stating whether medals, trophies or prize values.

8. The names and clubs of the competitors in order of the principal award, including non-starters and non-finishers.  

9. In events open to both sexes, women riders must be indicated, by the symbol W

A note of thanks to all those who helped to make the event possible is greatly appreciated.


Within 28 days of the event

Post a copy of the Result Sheet to all competitors (including the non-starters) and officials. A copy must be sent to the Assistant Secretary (Open Events) and in the case of a B.B.A.R. event to the National  Secretary (Competitions and Records). Prizes other than certificates, medals or trophies should be despatched to the prize winners. Certificates, medals or trophies should be despatched or presented within 12 months of the event.


General Note

Entry forms and Signing-On sheets should be retained for at least one year.

If there is an accident, they should be retained for at least seven years.











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Important Note  :-

Promoters or Club Officials that find themselves in the position of having to cancel an event should be aware that this is only to be contemplated in extreme circumstances. Every effort must be made to promote an event once it has been included in the National Handbook. Under NO Circumstances must an event be cancelled without  First consulting the District Secretary.

(Also see Regulation 5 in the National Handbook).