Manchester District of 
Cycling Time Trials

Cycling Time Trials is the National Governing Body for time trials.
 M&DTTA is a separate association of local clubs within the District,
They promote many events under CTT rules and award trophies.
Officials & Committee.
Open Events Guide.
Club Events Guide.
Event Headquarters.
Police Notification.
Course Details.
Risk Assessments.
Local Regulations.
Marshals & Checkers.
Calendar 2019.
AGM & Date Fixing.
M&DTTA Points results.
Updated 21 March
A General Guide to the Promotion of Events
is on page 78 of the CTT Handbook 2019.
There is a Check List on page 82.

The District Committee are keen to support
Event Organisers. If you have any queries
we are there to give advice