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Updated 15 February

A message to all organisers
The latest CTT newsletter is to be sent soon and will contain
an update on Covid-19 and how the government’s measures to
prevent the spread of Covid-19 continue to impact on competitive sport.  
Just in case this is not received by you, this note is being sent
to all organisers and district officials to inform them of the
current position so far as holding an event is concerned.
Although the government’s figures show that the rate of new infections
is slowing down, there is no indication as yet to say when it will be
possible to resume competitive sport.  CTT continues to keep this
under review and as soon as there are any developments,
a further release will be issued.
Many early season events have already been postponed,
with a small number cancelled.  If you are promoting an event,
if it looks unlikely that your event can proceed,
the Board would ask that you look at postponing the event to a
later date, rather than cancel it.  
2020 was a very difficult year for us all.  Everyone would like
to see competition once more.  The demand is there!
Police notification forms – open and club events
Although this may have been done already, clubs and organisers
are reminded that they should send the PNF to the relevant police
authority to ensure the necessary legal requirements will have been
complied with.
Thank you.  
As always, your ongoing patience and support is very much appreciated.

27 January 2021